Megan + Jake | Engagement Photography

How they met (this is kind of funny):

We actually met on Facebook! (SO cheesy, I know.) We first began talking on Christmas Day 2010!  We just casually hung out as good friends, and I figured that’s all we would ever be.  In March, he asked me on a double date with a guy he worked with and my best friend. We ended up at Hooters (which we still laugh about to this day because that’s just not a “first date” place).  After the dinner, I came home and told my parents I would never go out with him again, and we would be nothing but friends.  After that night, Jake and I didn’t talk to each other until the night of the tornados (April 27, 2011), and I just felt like I needed to make sure he was ok.  After that, we would talk occasionally but nothing serious.  In June, my debit card was stolen, and in order to get my money back, I had to file a police report, so guess who I called?  Jake agreed to meet with me, and as soon as I saw him, something was different! A couple of days later, he showed up at my work , and we just had simple conversation!  When I got home from work, I told my mother that I would marry him!  A year and half later, here we are!!!  Read more about their story in the and see more engagement photography in the Pink Bride magazine