Preparing for a Professional Headshot Session: Tips & Tricks

  • Robert Briggs Photography | Head Shots

How do we suggest you prepare for a professional headshot?

A great headshot photography session depends on preparation.
While selecting a talented headshot photographer can go a long way toward assuring effective results, the preparation you put out can both make the photographer’s job easier and ensure you get the most out of your images.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re considering working with a Chattanooga,Tn or Cleveland, Tn professional to get you compelling headshots but aren’t sure how to get ready for the shoot.
To learn how to get ready for a headshot session, keep reading.

A strong tool for marketing oneself to potential customers or employers is a professional headshot.
Here are some things you may do to make sure the shoot produces worthwhile results:

Be smart about clothing & accessories

It can be difficult to pick the ideal clothes for a headshot shoot.
However, certain clothing elements, such as reflecting fabrics, turtlenecks, distracting colors, and excessive jewelry, often don’t look good in photographs.
As they might make you look washed out and significantly lose depth and definition, all-white blouses and shirts should also be avoided.

Limit your use of hair and makeup.

In general, photographs look best with traditional hairstyles and cosmetics.
Avoid bright colors and products with sparkles or shimmer, and use some translucent powder to take the shine off.
Keep your hair simple and go with a style that has previously worked for you.

Communication is crucial.

Since headshot sessions are typically brief, it’s important to communicate your ideas to your photographer beforehand to ensure that you have the same goals.
Tell them exactly what you want from the headshots, including the general aesthetic you’re going for and any additional goals you may have.
It will be simpler for your photographer to match your goals and deliver excellent outcomes if you communicate with them more before the shoot.